Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Beach

This is the result of a 150 word challenge which had to begin with "This is how.....".

This is how I came to swear I would never, ever, go back to that beach! It was late in the day and the summer sun was still giving off heat. I went down to a local beach; one which I didn’t frequent on a regular basis.

I shook out my towel and lay back in the sand, with a cliff looming high at my back.  A sandy lump needed spreading out under my back. Oh bother! I moved my towel to smooth out the sand.  The lump wouldn't go. A piece of seaweed was stuck in the sand. I pulled at the seaweed and jumped, as a small crab scuttled away. Laughing at myself, I pulled at the seaweed again.  My finger touched something slimy. Bloody jellyfish! Maybe I should move to a new spot. When the seaweed gave way, I screamed! A human eye was looking at me. 

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