Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Ocean

I wandered the streets,
Cold, grey and lonely.
A city of pavements,
Crowds stepped them daily,
Past tall soulless buildings
Entombed in a plight.
No light in this city,
Only shadows in flight.

I thought as I wandered,
Of sun, sand, rock pools.
The laughter of children.
Sandcastles, seaweed jewels.
How a bed full of seashells,
Blooming love, smelling pure,
Tickles our senses,
As we walk the sea shore.

I walked up a hill.
I looked down far below.
Over the bar, a high tide.
Waves clear, bluey green.
I heard a child giggle.
I ran towards the sound.
My hair in the sea breeze
Til my toes touched the sand.

I looked over my shoulder
To the place I had been.
It was cold, grey and lonely,
Shadows still seen.
A shudder went through me.
I turned back around.
I took a step forward.
I smiled at a sound.

Waves crash the rocks.
I strolled into the sea.
Remembrance of salt water
And times I was free.
Happiness returned
As I studied the swell.
No more cold, no more grey.
My loneliness quelled.


  1. Wonderful mixture of feelings you drew out if me.

  2. The ocean is the great mother rejuvenating us all

    1. Thanks for reading Squid. Yes, it is. I can't tell you how much I love the ocean.

  3. Fantastic poem Francine Hirst. It makes me long to be back on a beach. You captured the smells and feelings so well. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I just love your work, Francine. It has a spark very few can capture and a uniqueness that is all your own.

  5. I long to be there Fran, you evoked memories with this beautiful poem. Well done my friend!!!

  6. Great poem Fran! All too often in life we get bogged down with the mundane things. We should all take time out, now and again, and perhaps take a stroll along your beach of happy memories.